Saturday, August 19, 2006

edinburgh film festival 8/17

95 min


180 minutes of the finest animation from every corner of the globe. The annual showcase for the best animation in the world produced over the last 12 months, proves once more that animation is a thriving art form and that its diversity and range just keep on growing. In order to bring you the best the world has to offer, we are constantly hunting and selecting the most exciting, inspiring, amusing, weird and wonderful work - in short, the best animation today contained in two 90-minute programmes.

Tudor Giurgiu / Romania / 2006 / 85 min
Maria Popistasu, Ioana Barbu, Tudor Chirila, Catalina Murgea, Mircea Diaconu, Virginia Mirea, Tora Vasilescu, Valentin Popescu


A love story, plain and simple.
On her very first day at college, Kiki meets Alex, newly arrived in Bucharest, and the two fall abruptly and completely in love. The fact that they both happen to be girls is quite irrelevant - both to each other, and to the filmmaker, who takes a refreshingly angst-free, non-sensational approach to the subject matter; this is first and foremost a romance - a story of attraction, flirtation and passion between two very different personalities. Slipping easily between past and present, and aided by the undeniable chemistry between its two young leads, this semi-impressionistic study transcends its apparently casual structure to achieve, at last, a yearning blend of joy and heartache. One of the year's most charming pictures, it constitutes an auspicious debut from the talented Giurgiu.

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