Wednesday, May 11, 2005

every man is an island

every man is an island
I stand by that
but clearly
In my opinion, all men are islands
And what's more, now is the time to be one.
This is an island age.
100 years ago. ypu had to depend on other people.
wherears now, you can make your self a little island paradise
with the right supplies and the right attitude
you can be sun-drenched, tropical-a magnet for young Swedish tourists.
And Ilike to think that perhapers I'm that kind of island
I kike to think I'm lbize.


這真是一部有趣的電影, 我要求的不多 以後家中陳設和修葛藍在片中一樣就好。

將一天過得很充實的訣竅在於 將一天分為各種的單位(units)

一個單位不要超過一個小時 一個小時不夠精準 半小時 半小時剛剛好





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